How To Obtain Grass Carp

West Virginia residents who have a pond in West Virginia may purchase grass carp without an importation permit from in-state vendors.

All Grass Carp brought into the state of W.Va. must be certified as triploid (sterile) and must have an import permit. Until recently the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) also required that each pond owner also obtain an import permit before stocking grass carp into their pond. Both the vendors bringing fish into the state and the pond owners putting grass carp in their ponds each obtained a permit for the same fish.

Approved vendors and an application permit are featured on the WV DNR web site:
If you must get a permit, consult with the vendor before you begin filling out the form.

To get a permit, contact the DNR Biologist responsible for the area of the state where your pond is located. The district fisheries biologist will ask you about your pond and make recommendations regarding whether grass carp are recommended and the number to stock. Finish filling out the application for an importation permit and send it to the appropriate DNR office. An importation permit will be issued to the vendor outlining certification and notification procedures and you will receive notification from WV-DNR that this document has been mailed to the vendor. There is no cost for the permit.